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15. Tings Nov 15

(9:34 am Nov 15, 2005)

Ouch, that hurt, hours wasted trying to review the book so far in order to try and pull some threads together, not blue nylon threads mind you. And the result. Not much. Time was running too quickly to make that an effective strategy for the day.

Plan B.


Abaco. ABACOYABACOYABACOYABACOY. That one for the family. Green Turtle Cay. Family. Marsh Harbour. Family. Guana Cay. Family. Family, family, family. Spread out all over Abaco. Generations piled on generations.

I see this is going to be an island day. Four islands for the word list today. Hooray! Hooray, hooray.

Well I'm going to Abaco yeah
And I'm going to be alright
Hanging out at Nippers
Dreaming of you every night

The waves will roll in gently
And the moon will shine so bright
I'll be hanging out at Nippers
Sip, sippin every night

My heart will be a little lonely
My head will say its alright
Hanging out down at Nippers
Doing lots of nothing every night.


(9:49 am Nov 15, 2005)

Mary, oh Mary Ann
It's midnight in my mind
And two bodies on the sand
The moon is shining bright
And the waves are rolling right
And I'd rather kiss your lips
Than hold your hand

Mary, oh Mary Ann

(9:51 am Nov 15, 2005)

You're my Abaco mama
And I just wanna jamma
With you all night long
To the Abaco dawn

(9:52 am Nov 15, 2005)

Axioms and Postulates

(9:53 am Nov 15, 2005)

It's the perfect time
It's the perfect place
You're the perfect girl
With the perfect face
And I want you now
Cause your warm embrace
Is perfect. For me.

(9:54 am Nov 15, 2005)

She was a real beauty
An Out Island beauty
She looked so fine in the sun

The sea wind was blowing
Her blond hair was flowing
As along the wild beach she would run

I saw her crying
As my turbot was frying
So I told her we could have us some fun

She slapped me silly
Said I wasn't Willie
Said her heart was reserved for just one

Ten years later
I started to date her
Seems Willie had married for mun

Yes Willie was silly
He ran off with Millie
And left me a piece of the sun

(9:58 am Nov 15, 2005)

The Bansheila. What a boat. She was faster than the rest. An RHR built craft of rare qualities. A cat boat in a world of sloops. The wind and the waves loved her.

(10:00 am Nov 15, 2005)

Yes, Abaco. Big islands and small cays. Ocean beaches and protected sea. Pine trees and horses and wild hogs. Parrots. Nesting in the ground parrots. A railroad. Old abandoned settlements. Dolphins and whales. Bare boat charter operations. A shallow mangrove side with trails for air boats. Self made trails that can be seen from the air. As can the fire damage and oftentimes the fires themselves, burning in the pine barrens.

Abaco, a place where you can hear Hs dropped and added and Vs and Ws interchanged with abandon. Or vould thet be vith habandon.

Las veek Hi vent hon wacation. (Perhaps that is a bit overdone, but if so, only for comedic effect.)

Abaco. Loyalist.

Abaco. Railroad. Wilson City.


Eleuthera. Milk cows and chickens. A glass window. Dangerous to cross in storms. A current and a current cut. Thankfully, this time so far, we are not discussing B.E.C. but another current and another type of current cut.

Eleuthera. That long skinny island. Made famous by a great bahamian troubadour.

(10:13 am Nov 15, 2005)

Mail boats and charter flights and fast ferries.

Eleuthera. The Adventurers.

Eleuthera. The capital of the Bahamas. In times past. Once more in the future? Well, Dunmore Town on Harbour Island at least.

Eleuthera. Spanish Wells. Sailors stopping to replenish their water supplies.

Harbour Island. Wells dug down to fresh water in the sand of the beach in front of the dune line on the ocean beach.

Spanish Wells. Industry. Fishing. Ship shape. Even on land. Round and round.

Hatched Bay. Milk. Chickens.

Eleuthera. And how could we forget... Pineapple. The best.

Eleuthera. Freedom.

(10:31 am Nov 15, 2005)

Eleuthera. Captain William Sayle. Puritans. A rare gift to an institution of higher learning. A shipwreck. Preacher's Cave.

Gregory Town. Surfing. Yes. Tarpum Bay. Governor's Harbour. Windermere.
Bannerman Town.

(10:42 am Nov 15, 2005)

The going was tough this morning. When would the tough get going? Or had they already packed up their things and high tailed it out of town?

Frizz and Felina were cruising up and down the island's "one road" taking in the sights. They were on their honeymoon. Just arrived back from Vegas and a Vegas wedding at the Luv Center. They had decided that if they were going to have a whirlwind courtship and marriage that they may as well do it in a world class cliched manner and do t he whole Vegas. They had briefly considered doing a shotgun wedding on a beach but had opted for Vegas instead.

One of the reasons is that it would have been a play shotgun wedding and they wanted to start out authentic, even if cheesy. Hey, if big names could do it, why not them?

Frizz noticed a little banging in the car's radiator. He pulled over to check on things. Felina hummed along to a Bahamian tune on one of the islands radio stations. She was on cloud nine. She had never been this happy in her life. Never even close.

(10:55 am Nov 15, 2005)

There must be some way to get things moving faster this morning. Some way to free things up. If only that lubricant existed already.

Think. Think. Think.

I am.

I think not.


Yeah, yeah. Been there, done that.

There is a silence, then a shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says: "OK, now what?" (Cue laughter.)

Doctor: "I've got some cream for that!" (Cue laughter.)

Perhaps laughter can help loosen things up. After all, they do say that laughter is the best medicine. Perhaps if we took sick people into the bush and told jokes to them we could get the best of both worlds. Then if we had a control group, we could even make it scientific. Pseudo scientific?


Exuma. If ya born dead, ya born dead.

Exuma. Cuts and currents and still not B.E.C. How pleasant is that?

Exuma. Iguana. No, no, not Exuma, Inagua. Exuma, iguana.

Exuma, home to the grotto that moves around at the convenience of novelists and film makers. It is quite remarkable really. See earlier.

Exuma. Chain. With a pendant?

Exuma. Land and Sea Park.

(11:13 am Nov 15, 2005)

Pipe Creek. Compass Cay. Sampson Cay. Staniel Cay.

Expensive vacations and those more reasonably priced.

The words have slowed to a trickle again. Block, block, block begone!

Out, out big block! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

And no, I am not an anti-chevy man. My day was a chevy man.

OK then here it is more closely attuned to the bard's original.

Out, out damned block! Out I say!

Hopefully it would work better today than it did for Lady Macbeth.

(11:28 am Nov 15, 2005)

Things don't look good though.

Free flow time...

One dark day in the middle of the night
Two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other
A deaf policeman heard the noise
And came and killed those two dead boys
If you don't believe this lie is true
Ask the blind man on the corner
He saw it too

The boy stood on the burning deck
His feet were full of blisters
The flames came up and burnt his drawers
So now he wears his sister's

Domino, Domino
Rise out your easy-go
Put on your flying flippers
Eagle Bald Face gone up on the Heigh Ho Mountain
With the spark-eye colonial tied to his tail

It was an all
It was an a-l-l
It was an all ball
It was an a-l-l-b-a-l-l
It was an all ball con
It was an a-l-l-b-a-l-l-c-o-n

(12:25 pm Nov 15, 2005)


Almost an hour gone. In a bind now. Way behind now.

It was an all
It was an a-l-l
It was an all ball
It was an a-l-l-b-a-l-l
It was an all ball con
It was an a-l-l-b-a-l-l-c-o-n

After several calls, no one in the family seemed to remember what came next. Family treasures, fading away to be lost forever.

Just getting on a roll and interruptions come raining down. Problems at two job sites. Stuck here with workmen. A school viewing and pickup looming. A double quota day looks sure to fail.

I got a two dollar bill in my pocket
I got two more miles to go
I been waitin too long to see you tonight
And baby its starting to show

So darling try to be ready
Yeah get ready to go
We'll shout and we'll dance
And try a little romance
And later we can jump in the flow

I got a three dollar bill in my pocket
And there's three things I want to know
Will you kiss all night, choose to love or fight
And baby how's your garden grow

So darling try to be ready
Yeah get ready to go
We'll shout and we'll dance
And try a little romance
And later we can jump in the flow

I got a half dollar bill in my pocket
And I have to let you know
I been waiting this long for hte time to be right
And Mary its starting to flow

So darling tell me you're ready
Say you're ready to go
Well we shouted and danced
And tried a little romance
And now its time to jump in the flow

Yes we shouted and danced
And tried a little romance
And now its time to jump in the flow

You know its time to jump in the flow
Mmmm Mary its so sweet in the flow


Bimini gal. Papa. Fishing. Big game fishing. World records. The Gulf Stream. Florida.

Bimini. Water landings. Not necessarily in the event of. I wonder what cabin attendants in flying boats say...

"In the unlikely event of a land landing..."


In the unlikely event of a water landing. Please! In case we crash. That's better. Tell it like it is sister.

Bimini, not to be confused with the

(12:55 pm Nov 15, 2005)

Man! That temporal vacuum cleaner is working overtime today. And every time I just get it cut off, somehow it gets turned right back on again. And it comes on sucking harder than ever.

Bimini, not to be confused with the Berries.

She's got, legs of cinnamon
That reach, all the way to the ground

She's got, eyes of sun and sand
That see, deep into your sound

She might, leave upon the wind
That's if, no one is still around

She's gone, far too far away
Now your, love cannot be found

Well that cinnamon tastes so sweet
And that cinnamon feels so fine
Oh that cinnamon is guaranteed to
Blow your very mind.

Cinnamon was called away to Bimini to hear some hillbilly music and so Bruno and Rocky had to go out looking for Jelli on their own. Not a good situation, but they could find no one else to go on short notice. As they followed along the line of the vibrations heading out of the harbour, Bruno became aware of a difference today. He sensed that they needed to go to the north of Rose today instead of south.

When they got around to the north, he once again found that there seemed to be a double source.

They followed the source towards Rose Island first even though it seemd like it would be further away. They ended up across the island from where they had landed yesterday. Since they had already explored all the way to the beach here yesterday they discussed not going ashore for a look around. In they end, they did go in and take a brief look around. It was pretty much like yesterday and so they went back out to Cay Dreams.

They headed back down the emanations to the point where they seemed to split and followed on along the other path. It ended in the vicinity of Green Cay. They ancoured Cay Dreams and waded ashore. Walking inland, they came to a boat shaped clearing in the centre of the cay. Bruno and Rocky split up and walked around the edge of the clearing.

Bruno found it. Set back just a little way into the bush, an opening, cool air and vibrations coming out of it.

(1:20 pm Nov 15, 2005)

(4:30 pm Nov 15, 2005)


Weird. Was it funny or was it weird? To have just received the week three letter today saying how easy this week would be. Talk of bbreeze and second wind. That attachment to his email must have gotten lost at some intermediate server. Had someone put a bang path in there somewhere? Bang paths were so like last century.

Sail into the week of speed. Today, it had felt more like he was becalmed. Week of speed indeed. He could only hope that the coming days were indeed more speedy than these.

Mind you, number three was good advice which he had taken and expanded upon. Not only had he abandoned the quest for pretty sentences today, he had abandoned the quest for any sort of sense or cohesiveness all together.

He had reached a day's quota after a long hard struggle but he was slated for two days today.

There were workmen at the house today and people coming over on the weekend which would likely prevent a double day quota on at least one of the days.

And still the temporal vacuum cleaner sucks up some more time. It has been never ending today.

(4:48 pm Nov 15, 2005)

Oh, I game myself permission to make messes though. Out of necessity. And I took advantage of the permission given. And I made messes. As you can see.

At least I am not struggling to get out of the twenty thousands. That, at least, was long ago.

With forty thousand passed last night before this gigantic struggle today, if he could only plow through we might even see fifty thousand before the week was out.

He was punch drunk right now though. Switching from talking about himself in the third person and in the first person and sometimes skating close to that think he had heard referred to as the royal we. If you suspect the use of the royal we though, please be assured that there is no royal intended in any WEs around unless they are clearly such. For instance if we ever see a quote by one with just claim to royal blood.

IIRC (a little net acronym there) the closest we have some to royalty is the Macbeth quotes.

Now Sir Nano, about that promised rising wind and my victory, if you would kindly vouchsafe my a token of this victory, I will smile at thee.

Weird enough for you?

(5:04 pm Nov 15, 2005)


Energy. That's what is needed. Writing energy. Novelling energy. Novelling energy flowing through my very veins.

Now. What you need is the energy to begin you plans with alacrity. Energy to carry them through to completion. Energy to boldly tackle obstacles.

Energy. Plenty energy. Malted energy? Not for me thanks.

Energy and still no B.E.C. and many thanks for that. Sufficient unto today were the troubles it brought. No need for any sort of voltage blues in addition.

And did he put mouth on himself? Time will tell. Don't touch that dial!

(5:09 pm Nov 15, 2005)

(5:17 pm Nov 15, 2005)

There was a problem though. To maintain a high level of energy required fuel. And very little proper fuel had gone into the plant for the day. A break was called for to cook and consume some fuel. Later...

(5:18 pm Nov 15, 2005)

(5:20 pm Nov 15, 2005)

Back. There were fuel coordination problems. The flight was delayed. Hold on a bit. Can you hold out?

Yes, yes, I'll try my best.

Now he was talking to himself. Was he metaphorically punch drunk?

This sentence has five words.

The sentence below is false.
The sentence above is true.

This sentence had five.

Now this sentence has six words.

Its only words I have to write this book they say. Now, there is a huge storehouse of words available to those who mess about in words. And to those who mess about with words.

Can we get back to the actual novel please?

Well, since you ask in such a laconic fashion, I will do my endeavour best to fulfill your lugubrious request.

Eradicate that window from there and reestablish it over there.

Sorry, I will try and get back now.


Jelli was free! And so was Mr. Lee. I will leave it to you which is the dark cloud and which is the silver lining. It should not overly tax your grey matter.

Rocky and Bruno had found that opening. It led down steps carved in the limestone. It led under the sea. Under the seafloor actually. It led to a grotto in the hills of Rose Island. It led to control complex, also in said hills. It led to a complete movie studio, also in said hills. It led to captives. Chained to the wall, in the grotto.

Now the grotto was natural if unbelievable. The control complex and the movie studio were man made. They had been hollowed out below ground by a well funded outfit that hoped to make movies out of the radar of the big players. They wanted to have hundreds of top quality films in the can before they came into the light of day. Their plans were to flood the market with top quality films. To dry up the box office for the films that the current players were releasing. The projection was that this would lead to massive losses on the part of the current studios. This, in turn would lead to a crash in the value of their stocks. Then they could be bought cheaply and a monopoly secured on all English Language films produced in the last hundred years.

The grotto we have mentioned before. It had been moved here for the making of the movies.

As I said earlier, that grotto is really something. Some grotto!

(5:37 pm Nov 15, 2005)

Another run at that fuel break is pending.

(6:03 pm Nov 15, 2005)

The fuel has now been prepared and it remains just to consume it.

These unscrupulous movie producers had been abducting people to use as captives in their latest movie as they wanted to get the sort of realism that actors just could not achieve.

(6:05 pm Nov 15, 2005)

And now for a break to ingest that aforementioned fuel.

(6:24 pm Nov 15, 2005)

Fueled up though probably only on three quarters of a tank at most.

Recently caught wahoo done on a barbecue. Proper.

Das da props.

Yes, Jelli was free. And there was a party tonight. Mr. Rolle had hired a live band to celebrate. Well, not actually hired. No. More like invited. A band from the neighbourhood. He had told them Bruno would be there and would play with them. He had hinted that Melody might show up as well. The guys in the band practically fell over themselves to get over and set up when they heard the latter news.

They were just warming up now. There was a fire burning in the back of the yard for the goatskins.

Energy tonight. Plenty energy. Energy to burn.


Energy. Joules. Or better yet. Ergs. Kilowatt-hour. Yo B.E.C.

Energy. Thermal. Mechanical. Electrical. Chemical.

Energy. Potential. Kinetic. Rest. Elastic.

Plenty energy.

Jelli is home. Cinnamon is too. Back from Bimini. Jelli though, in some people's eyes is back from the dead. That is another back entirely. Even though he was never dead at all.

Melody walks in.

Bruno notices.

If you look
and she looks
And you breathe
and she breathes
If you purse
and she moistens
And you see
and she sees.
Then you know
and she knows
And time flows
and time slows
And you breathe
and she breathes
And you know
and she knows
Then you breathe
as one.

Bruno was speechless. She looked beyond beautiful tonight. He came up for air. Their eyes, which had been locked since they saw each other finally broke contact. Reluctantly. Slowly.

She walked over to where he was standing by the band and gave him a slow kiss, rubbing her fingers through his short hair as she did so.

"Mmmmm. Hey there hero. Been out risking your life again without me?"

"Mmmmm. Yourself. You know what they say about what a man's gotta do, but I don't think I have ever really done anything without you since we first met. I don't know if I ever will again."

"You better not even try. Hey guys." Melody winked at the boys in the band.

There were greetings all around. Some shy, some bold. Bruno cut his eye at the drummer in particular and gave him a warning look. "You do know who and what I am son? You especially really don't want to get on my wrong side."


Stimulate. Induce. Stir. Excite.

Purchase and read Tings. It will stimulate your imagination. It will stir your emotions. It will excite your senses. I make no claims that it will grow hair on your chest.

It will induce you to endeavour.

(6:56 pm Nov 15, 2005)

A whole lotta love was in evidence tonight. The band was tight. The music was right. Melody was soaring. Bruno was in the pocket. Jelli was in the house.

Mizmocha showed up with Essie.

Mr. Lee was not interested in coming. He was trying to get to Miami on a late flight.. He had escaped before anyone had realized who he was. The police had been notified of his non-death and his escape. He would not make it out of town.

Red and Gully were both overhead, each wary of the other.

Bruno had gone on-line quickly and invited any local nanoers to come to a nano ball.

Much to his consternation, zotz was among those who showed up.

"Hey Bruno."

"Zotz. I didn't expect you to show up."

"No, I guess you didn't. Anyway. No hard feelings."


"Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I will use techz tonight instead of zotz."

"That might help, thanks."

Techz went over to the bar and got a Kahlua and Cream. On ice. It felt awkward going as techz, but if it could patch things up with Bruno, he could do it for a while at least.

What was it he had just been kidding someone about the other day in regard to having a D.J. name and a real name. Here it is tonight he is having to go by his second handle to keep one of his nano characters happy.

Honestly, why did he ever get into this mess that was his nano novel in the first place? He had just sort of slipped in and things had progressed in a downward spiral ever since.

Not long now, and the double quota would be done. Now if you are paying attention you will realize that this is really quite a nice trick. Being in two places like this at once. If you follow.


(7:42 pm Nov 15, 2005)

Well, that temporal vacuum cleaner has had one more mighty suck for the day and a lot of time has disappeared but that's OK. It is almost over and we will soon call it a day.

Techz went up and gave Melody a kiss, a wink, and a smile. This surprised her.

He will wake up tomorrow sometime if he is lucky.

Bruno did not find that amusing in the slightest. When Melody looked at him funny he shrugged his shoulders. Anyone but him Melody. I just can't let him do that.

(7:47 pm Nov 15, 2005)

An appropriate time to close.

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