Sunday, October 11, 2009

After Nov 30

I want to thank those for sending their big ups and shout outs and their kind accolades.

Mark Anthony: "I come to bury these pages, not to praise them!"

Julius Cesear: "I came, I saw, what STUFF!"

George Washington: "I wish I had access to this information before planning my trip across the Delaware."

Cleopatra: "If I had only known about this book, I might not have fooled with that asp."

Robin Hood: "drew is welcome in Sherwood any day of the week."

Freud: "My mother told me about the ZotzBrothers stuff. It is great!"

Zeno: "The nerve of this boy, coming up with such a cheeky solution to my paradox."

Beethoven: "I told drew to get Bach, but he wouldn't listen. He is so pushy."

Napoleon: "I have never in my life read such a long book with such a short stature."

Elizabeth: "So that's where Drake went!"

Beowulf: "I did not like those Gruff Brothers. Those guys should be locked up."

Jules de Vac: "One who would write such drivel is truly an outlaw!"

King Tut: "Gold! Pure gold! Not!"

Wilbur: "The author is certainly not a write brother, nor is he a right brother and he is not a Wright brother either."

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