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28. Tings Nov 28

(9:14 am Nov 28, 2005)


Luggy. That feeling you get when you have just done some serious eating at a family get together lunch. The one where everything was seriously mashable and you did some serious mashing. You went back again and again like a true true Bahamian. And then you sat down in the easy chair, or plopped down on the couch and the feeling hit you. You feel luggy. Forget the tenses and stop being so tense. Relax, let the lugginess have its effect.

Luggy. Lazy. Indolent. Slothful. Somnolent. You get the drift?

Luggy. Pronounced somewhat like this - Lug - ee.

Now I have just gone mucking about on google again to see if they have any record of the Bahamian usage to be found easily. I did not find any such usages, but I did see people spelling loogy luggy. I don't know if they pronounce it loogy and spell it luggy or if there are different ways to say it around the world. I have always heard it pronounced loogy. In any case, a loogy is something else entirely. Those who know, know, those who don't, will have to seek that knowledge elsewhere or remain ignorant for now.

(9:27 am Nov 28, 2005)

Vikta D. rolled over and opened his eyes. He had the luggy feeling even though there was no reason to. He handn't mashed much of anything last night. Surely he couldn't still be feeling this way from what he had for lunch on the beach yesterday? His eyes went to Vanilla, sitting in her open case on the top shelf of his bookcase. No more pegging contests, ever. Vikta had been the champ a few times in the past for short periods of time, but this last stretch with Chocolate, his heart wrenched and he stared at the floor, had been something special. The feeling as he walked onto the field of battle with Chocolate, confident in their abilities, confident in their victory to come, buoyed by the crowd, well, it was a special and a very heady feeling. He had had such a long run with Chocolate that he had grown used to the feeling. And now, he would never get to even try for that feeling again.

Had he made the right decision? He looked at Vanilla again and his heart skipped a beat. She called to him and he knew that the answer was yes. He did not yet understand why or how it could be yes, but he knew that it was indeed yes.

(9:37 am Nov 28, 2005)

He threw off the covers and got out of bed. He put on some rake and scrape and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and some toast.

While the water was coming to a boil and the toast was down, he went back to his room and took Vanilla down from the bookcase and took her out of her case. Chocolate had been a truly special top, but he had never dreamed there could be a top like Vanilla. It started with her wood. There was a warmth to it unlike any he had ever known. It almost seemed like it was alive still.

(9:41 am Nov 28, 2005)

(5:33 pm Nov 28, 2005)


Orange. Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Orange. Citrus. Between red and yellow. A river. Six hundred and twenty to five hundred and eighty five. Yellored. Asia. Hybrid. Potassium. Peel. Juice. House. Navel.

Well, gentle reader, this promises to be the most difficult stretch yet. I am fading fast. I don't know what has come over me. Perhaps you would care to write this evenings words for me? No? Well, properly bewarned ye be then.

Now, you are going to find this a bit hard to believe, but, if you have managed to keep your disbelief suspended for me thus far, you should be able to manage tonight as well.

Cang and XXIII sent the rooster back home to Rhode Island and went underground again this morning. They were exploring a new sectio of the tunnels when they came upon a cavern filled with items from the east indies and ledgers written in what Cang thought might be dutch of a sort.

Even though I could not persuade you to write for me tonight, I will leave it to you to flesh out the implications of the few hints I have just provided you. Let your knowledge and imagination go. Let them flow. The implications will surely grow.

(5:47 pm Nov 28, 2005)

I don't know if I can do it. Yet I must. I have not come this far and suffered this much to falter now. If you must know, gentle reader, this is not like me at all. I am indeed a world class procrastinator. I struggle mightily with organization. With following through on things I begin. Now it might just be that I tend to start way more than is good for me, but it's not. Oh, that is definitely a major issue with me, but it is most certainly not JUST that. No, there is more to it than just that.

So, it is surprising to me that I have managed Nano for the second straight year now, and it is even more surprising to me that I have managed to do so much better this year in terms of daily word output. It is even more surprising when I think that I have managed it without taking off from work this year like last year.

That is why, as much as I just want to lie down and close my eyes and slumber right now, I will try and push on. For your sake, gentle reader, but also for my own. Sure, last year, I had a let down after reaching fifty thousand and had a couple days of no output at all, this year I have managed to never do less that two thousand words a day. Never mind what my page on nano shows, one of those missing days was a result of coming home after midnight on the night I met bruno at The Buzz and I don't know what happened on the other day, I must have forgotten to update my word count. I definitely did not write less than two thousand words on any day in November thus far.

Despite The Low Voltage Blues. Despite The No Voltage Blues. As bad as I feel right now, I am happy about that.

You know. I feel sorry for Bruno. It is partly my fault as well. I have been spending so much time on Tings that I have neglected to help him more with his novel.

(6:00 pm Nov 28, 2005)

(6:25 pm Nov 28, 2005)


Ugly. You're ugly, and I never did like you anyway. No, no, no, not you gentle reader. Who then? I don't really know, but certainly not you. I would never say that to you. And you will notice that there is no wink wink nudge nudge action here.

Ugly. Senses no like. Surly. Atrocious. Horrendous. Despicable. Horrible. Horrifying. I guess ugly is in the eye of the beholder as well. Goes to the bone.

I called Bruno up during that short break just up there and I can tell you, he was in an ugly mood. I sure hope he can get his act together better than that if Melody calls him or stops by tonight. If he doesn't watch it, he's gonna lose that girl. I told him as much before hanging up and his mood dug its hole a few feet deeper. Yes, yes. He's gonna lose that girl. Someone is liable to roach him. I mean, the two of them are made for each other but he really does not need to go displaying that kind of attitude towards her tonight. Anytime really.

And here I was calling to offer some encouragement to him in finishing his book this year. I never even mentioned his never really getting back to work like I had hoped. In fact, I never so much as even hinted at it.

I guess he is just in a state.


Vikta D. took Vanilla down to the deserted pegging grounds to give her her first workout. He had gone down to the store earlier today and bought a new string for her which he had measured out and tied off one end and slipped a disk on and then tied off the other end. He had made a place for Chocolate on the mantle in his secret room where he had picture of him and her in action together. Picture from their early days, pictures of matches, championship pictures. It was one of the bittersweet things about the pegging game that you could only really talk about your accomplishments in character. He couldn't put up his awards and trophies in his house where visitors could see them as that would let the cat out of the bag.

Speaking of cats in and out of bags...


The thing is, they know about the cat and the bag. I thought for a second that they may not know about the horse and the barn, but I see from another reply that they possibly do. Watch out though, I think they have a pig in a poke (nudge nudge, wink wink, etc.) and they are trying to sell it to us. I know this guy from Nigeria who is interested in buying all of their pigs if they will only send him their particulars.

Now if the cat was in a box, together with a radioactive atom, a geiger-counter, a hammer, and a flask of prussic acid (HCN), we would have a more interesting business model.

1. Open box.
2. ???
3. Profit?


And there you have it. the surefire business model to end all business models for the information age. What could be more simple than those three steps?

Now I know that some of you might think this a cruel business model and would instead propose:

1. Leave box closed.
2. ???
3. Profit?

But think. Is it more humane to attempt to free the poor cat who may happen to die in the rescue attempt, or to leave the poor feline in a sort of state of suspended animation or whatever we would have to call it. Indefinitely. I mean, of what possible use would his nine lives be in that case?

I know this is a difficult question and that is why I ask everyone, no matter which way you initially lean on the issue to please stop and consider all of the angles and permutations very carefully before writing your representative on the issue.


Yes. And I said a little more. Yes. And a little less. Yes. A little bit higher. Yes. A little bit lower now. Yes. And Yes, yes, yes.

Yes. Affirmative. All good people say yes. Right Minister? Button. Roger. Certainly. KO. OK. Yup. You got dat right. Firm, not fragile.

Say yes! Yes, you will invest in our new company YesYesInc. We plan on putting the above business model into practice once we have cleared up the issues with the major and several minor animal rights groups. We are in discussions with some of them at this moment. I must state categorically though that we will not be entering into discussion with the plant rights groups or with the mineral rights groups before start up. We are keeping our options open with respect to discussions with these groups after the business is off the ground though.

The thing is, we do not wish to be listed on any of the stock exchanges. So, if you wish to invest, send ten thousand dollars or more to us at any know address. It should be in small, unmarked, well worn bills with random serial numbers. No powders of any sort should be contaminating any bills you send. I understand that this last requirement may prove extremely difficult, in fact, the most difficult of all, but persevere. Where there is a will, there is a way. Wink wink, nudge nudge and all that rot.

(7:14 pm Nov 28, 2005)

Yes. Say yes. Look into my eyes. Say yes. On the rocks, say yes.


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